A Hymn  Written for the Theological College of Lanka 

Great God. the power, the force behind creation,
you came to us and shared a human birth.
You grew like us, matured in strength and reason,
then gave yourself upon this war torn earth.

We seek again the Spirit you can offer,
the grace and strength to make each foe a friend,
to break down walls of prejudice and hatred,
to bring all war and horror to an end.

We pray for courage as we face injustice,
the strength to stand for what we know is right;
help us to work through word and faithful action
to face down fear and walk  into your light.

We pray for peace, yes peace with understanding.
We pray for love that feels another's pain.
We'll walk together to a new tomorrow.
We'll build a realm where Christ can live and reign.

  The Reverend   Andrew Pratt 2007 (andrewepratt@btinternet.com


Tune: Intercessor  or O Perfect Love