Books by TCL Faculty

The Library (with its associated Church History Documentation Centre) continues to be one of the focal points of the College. The Library makes available nearly 26,000 books (including theses) and over 70 current periodicals, as well as back issues of significant journals. We have a small collection of DVDs, VCDs and videos, both those relevant to our courses and also for the entertainment of the TCL community. Some computer-based resources (e.g. Bible Works) are available via the Computer Room. The CHDC’s resources are for reference use, but some are duplicated by the Library and are therefore made more widely available. The two collections complement each other. During the course of the year we added nearly 1000 books to the Library. We received many good books and periodicals from individuals. We were also blessed by books received through the American Society of Missiology, the Anglican Communion Office / Compass Rose Society (UK), Myers Park United Methodist Church (USA), the National Peace Council of Sri Lanka, Rosmini House(UK), and the Trinitarian Bible Society (UK). Many other friends and well-wishers in Sri Lanka and abroad enhanced our Library collections in various ways - Goudhurst Sri Lanka Link paid subscriptions to the Journal for the Study of the OT (Vetus Testamentum), Journal for the Study of the NT (Novum Testamentum), and a Prof. Ellen Wondra paid for the Anglican Theological Review.

Some UK organisations, such as Feed the Minds and Langham Literature, continue to regularly make books available to both the Library and the students, either free or at special prices. We always appreciate donations of second-hand books, as they often include out-of-print books that are nevertheless still extremely useful to us. Book conservation is a perennial problem, and we are continuing with a programme of rebinding books in the worst condition. However, good binding is expensive, and so we have to weigh the costs against the benefits.

The process of computerizing the catalogue of book records continues, using a customized Access database. Since the process began in November 2006, we have input the records of nearly 15,000 books. We are able to highlight contributions (e.g. chapters in edited works) by Sri Lankans; we hope that this will stimulate use of the books. The year ahead will see some big changes in the Library, but we are thankful to God for His enabling and thankful to the Faculty and others who support our work and help us to move things forward.