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Our History

The Theological College of Lanka was inaugurated in 1963 by the Anglican Church, the Methodist Church and the Baptist Church. Later the Presbyterian Church (Presbytery of Lanka) joined the federation to educate the new clergy in the environment of Sri Lanka and their own Languages; Sinhala & Tamil. It is believed that language is the vehicle of culture and when Christians begin to think, speak, preach,. pray and write in their own languages, they soon become familiar with their cultural values and begin to appreciate them in the practice of their Christian faith. This new step was foreseen by all the churches as an attempt to produce indigenous theology by people who are being educated in Sri Lanka.

Over 90% of the active clergy in the constituent churches in Sri Lanka today have received their theological and pastoral education at the TCL. TCL is the only accredited Ecumenical Theological College among the Protestant churches of Sri Lanka, which not only maintains its ecumenical foundation, but also brings together the Sinhala and Tamil students who are both men and women in a fellowship both at work and at leisure. This is an integral aspect of the personal and spiritual formation of the future ministers of a country which is torn apart by ethnic divisions. more..

Our Mission
We are called to proclaim the reign of God declared by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

We are called to proclaim that all people created in the image of God should be liberated from all slavery or discrimination which tarnish that dignity

We are called to toil in collaboration and dialogue with all who are engaged in similar endeavours to realise just peace and religious and communal harmony in Sri Lanka.

We believe that the goal of Christian ministry is to lead and accompany all people to experience the love and grace of God. In order to achieve this mission we will endeavour to provide biblical, spiritual, contextual and theological formation to prospective candidates.

Who we are...
The Theological College of Lanka will continue to promote Christian knowledge, engage in scholarship, and provide creative Christian ministerial training with a prophetic role with Sri Lankan contextual emphasis acknowledging the wider Asian and global context. more....
TCL Auditorium
Dedicated on 10 July 2009

TCL Hymn

Sri Lanka Journal of Theological Reflection (SLJTR)

47th Principal's Report - July 2010

TCL Alumni 1963-2008

Chief Guests List 1963-2007

The Chapel is located in the very centre of our academic complex. The Chapel in its entirety possesses an oriental air, with the absence of pews and chairs and the spreading of mats on the floor, both for clergy and laity. The religious services of morning and evening prayer and regular weekly Eucharist are conducted in Sinhala, Tamil and English languages in succession. more.. Our library contains around 26,000 usable titles and about 600 reference volumes. The library subscribes to about 70 periodicals and local weeklies around the world. The books in our library are mainly written in English and deal with Christian Theology, Biblical studies, Other Religions, Church and General History, Sociology and Tamil and Sinhala Literature. more.. Church History Documentation Centre is a very special contribution that the Theological College of Lanka would be making to the Church in Sri Lanka, by collecting, restoring, preserving and documenting all the available material pertaining to the History of Christianity in Sri Lanka. It is expected that this Centre will serve as the Sri Lanka Church archives, in the days to come. more..

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