Who we are......

  1. The Theological College of Lanka is an ecumenical theological institution established by the Anglican, Methodist, Baptist and Presbyterian churches in Sri Lanka for theological education and ministerial formation.

  2. The Theological College of Lanka in accordance with its constitution is called to share in God’s mission as revealed in Jesus Christ and guided by the Holy Spirit.

  3. In order to achieve this mission we will endeavour to provide biblical, theological, spiritual and contextual formation to prospective candidates in the context of Sri Lanka.

  4. The Theological College of Lanka will endeavour to provide for each student, diligent ministerial formation and opportunities for academic excellence.

  5. The Theological College of Lanka endorses the faith statements of the constituent churches and strives to maintain an inclusive Christian spirituality.

  6. The Theological College of Lanka will continue to promote Christian knowledge, engage in scholarship, and provide creative Christian ministerial training with a prophetic role with Sri Lankan contextual emphasis acknowledging the wider Asian and global context.

  7. We are called to proclaim that all people created in the image of God should be liberated from all slavery or discrimination which tarnish that dignity.

  8. We are called to toil in collaboration and dialogue with all who are engaged in similar endeavours to realise just peace and religious and communal harmony in Sri Lanka and abroad.

  9. The Theological College of Lanka would also encourage and initiate scholars and students to engage in a meaningful study of theological and related disciplines in the context of Sri Lanka.

  10. We are an inclusive and ecumenical institution in the widest sense: we accept female and male, lay and ordained, Christians and other faiths in our programmes, student body and teaching staff.